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About The Crushing It In Construction Podcast

About The Podcast:

Crushing It In Construction is a weekly podcast designed to give people in the construction industry a resource where they can learn, grow and keep up to date with everything happening in the world of construction. 

Each week we interview business owners, executives, middle managers and industry experts who have amazing stories and we dive deep into how they got started in the industry, what they love about it, the struggles they’ve faced and what advice they have for people getting started in the industry today.

We also interview experts who will share tips, tactics and advice on everything from company culture to marketing to technology to PR and OH&S. Whether you’re in heavy civil, mining, commercial construction, engineering, landscaping or plumbing, there will always be something valuable to learn.

Our Past Guests:
Dawn Watt
Dawn WattCEO - Coffey Testing
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Dawn Started her career as a Clean Lab Manager in 2003. But in 2019 she became the only female Chief Executive Officer in a Construction Materials Testing organisation
Treaven Martinus
Treaven MartinusCEO - Martinus Rail
Read More
Treaven is the Founder & CEO Of Martinus, the largest Australian owned self-performing railway construction company in Australia.
Tim Buckle
Tim BuckleMD - Landscape Solutions
Read More
Tim started Landscape Solutions in 1993, and since then the company has experienced phnomenal growth across Australia and NZ.
Caytlyn Mead
Caytlyn MeadCEO - Robinson Civil Group
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Caytlyn joined Robinson Civil Group in 2010 and immediately became a key driving force behind the company’s growth.
Colm Phibbs
Colm PhibbsMD - Cono Services
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Colm is the founder of Cono Services, a civil construction business that specialises in remediation, bulk & Detail Excavation.
James Starbuck
James StarbuckMD - Starbuck Excavations
Read More
Jimmy started his business at the age of 19. Nearly 20 years later Starbuck Excavations employes 150 people and owns over 100 pieces of plant.
Sally-ann Eather
Sally-ann EatherExecutive Manager - Eather Group
Read More
Sally-ann started Eather Group with her husband 14 years ago. They've since built the company up to 40 people and also won a Telstra Small Business Award in the process
Colin Ritson
Colin RitsonDirector - CPH Mining & Civil
Read More
Colin started his career managing operating theaters before evantually buying two 637 scrapers in 2004.
About Our Audience:

The Crushing It In Construction Podcast receives 300 – 700 downloads per episode and an average of 6,574 video views per month across our social media channels. 

Our audience is made up of mostly business owners, CEOs, managing directors, general managers and senior executives  working in the Australian construction industry. However, in recent months we have seen an increase in listenership from employees within the industry as well.  

Your interview will be distributed through social media and to our highly engaged email list. We’ll set up at least 3 long-lasting backlinks from our social Social Media accounts as well as our own website, all with the goal of driving traffic to your nominated website or URL giving you exposure. These backlinks will stay in place for many years.

After the podcast is recorded and a date has been set for the release we will also provide you with access to all of the social media content we have created for your episode. This content will include graphics, audio grams, video clips and copy that you can use to promote your episode with your network if you wish.

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About The Host:
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Jordan grew up in construction and spent 17 years working in the industry before leaving to start his own business. During his time in the industry he has held positions as quarry manager, project manager, labourer, operator and eventually found himself in senior management.

About The Format:

Crushing it in Construction uses a 20-30 minute show format. During our brief pre-interview call, we will discuss some possible themes for your episode. I will also have some standard questions that I use to get the conversation going but the aim is to have a relaxed conversation around the industry, you, your business (if you have one or run one) and life in general. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Pre-interview: this is a short 15 minute video call where we will discuss a potential topic for your episode, get to know each other a little better and set a date for the actual podcast recording. Most of our guests aren’t used of being interviewed and we find having a pre-interview relaxes people and lets them know what to expect.
  • Next, you will be sent an episode outline which will give you all of the questions I will be asking during the interview.

  • We will then record your episode on the arranged date.
  • You will be notified by email the day you episode goes live!
It's webcams on. We use this footage to promote your episode.
Please use headphones. This stops sound bleeding into the recoring
a custom intro will be recorded after the interview.

A Couple Of Notes About The Show

Note 1:

Please try to have headphones available for your interview and a microphone. These can be Apple Airpods or simply headphones that double as handsfree. And also try to be in a quiet space for the interview.

Note 2:

Our remote recording software is currently only compatible with Google Chrome, so please make sure you have it installed prior to recording and open the link we provide you closer to the time in the google chrome browser.

Note 3:

You need to be on a relatively high capacity internet connection with a stable connection. Hotel wireless will probably not handle this well.

The interview is conducted with webcams on, so don’t be having a bad hair day!
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