Welcome to Moonshot Media.

We Help Businesses In the Construction Industry Create Websites That Increase Visibility & Demand For Their Services By An Average Of 57%

Welcome to
Moonshot Media.

We Help Businesses In the Construction Industry Create Websites That Increase Visibility & Demand For Their Services By An Average Of 57%

What does Moonshot Media do & why should you care…?

We help businesses in the consruction industry standout against the competition and get seen as the perferred contractor by creating custom websites that drastically increase visibility and demand for your services. It’s no secret that you need a website to succeed in any industry. Unfortunately, many companies in the construction industry don’t realise the harm that simply having a website with little more than a logo and some pictures displayed does to a companies reputation.

A poor website is perceived as a lack of credibility. In fact, a recent Telstra Small Business Intelligence report uncovered that 80% of people visit a company’s website before even making contact with that company and 60% of those people won’t even consider a company without a professional and informative website.

Your website is often resposible for your customers first impression of your company, from this customers can form a hasty opinion. If you don’t have a website that clearly displays your experience, professionalism, how you are different from cempetitors and why you are the best choice then you lack credability and your customers will look elsewhere. In an industry where margins are tight and competition is fierce can you afford to let opportunities slip away?

Moonshot Media has over 50 years experience in the construction industry and over a decade has been spent streamlining our proven three-step methodology that has been created to help you bury the competition.

How do we do what we say we do…?

We are the only agency with a proven process that has been developed and fine-tuned over the last 13 years by our company directors whilst holding senior management positions within the construction industry. Our three-step methodology was built in the trenches by construction professionals, and it’s proven to increase visibility and demand for your services and position you as the preferred contractor.



Roadmapping is our siganture discovery process. By fully understanding your business, your customers and what you hope to achieve we can create a customised solution for your business.



We take what we’ve learned from the discovery process combine that with the latest SEO and traffic generation techniques to create website that shows your customers exactly why you are the best choice.



Finally, we help you USE your website to demonstrate your experience, professionalism and build huge amounts of credability with your ideal clients positioning you as the preferred contractor.

How will your life improve?

If you are tired of not winning the work you deserve its time to do something about it, you owe it to yourself.

You’ll Be Taken Seriously

Your sleek professional website will shows prospective customers you are willing to invest in yourself and are a business that should be taken seriously. After-all, if you don’t take yourself seriously, why should anyone else?

Increased Visibility

A website that uses SEO best practices and strategically uses key words throughout every page ranks much higher in organic search engine results, allowing your company to be found much easier online without having to pay for advertising.

A Great First Impression

You will leave website visitors and potential customers with the perfect first impression of your business and what you’re capable of ensuring the message and image you want to convey is perfect.

Stand Out From The Competition

You will be clearly displaying your experience, professionalism, how you are different from competitors and why you are the best choice.

Increased Leads

You will have a well thought out website that tells customers what they want to know  and will reassure them that you are the right company for the job. This will generate more interest in your services, leading your online visitors to pick up the phone and call your company.

Improved Cashflow

Your new website and accompanying marketing approach will keep your sales pipeline full, helping you break free of the feast or famine cycle.

Lets say you believe us, now what?

Take advantage of our money back guarantee

For every project we take on, we provide a complete, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Within 30 days of launching your new website if for any reason you are not over the moon with the look, style and feel of your new website we will give 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

If you chose one of our premium options, we will also guarantee not only your satisfaction but the performance of your website as well.

It sounds unbelievable. But we are willing to put skin in the game and stand behind our work because we believe in what we do. We want our customers to be happy and successfull—and we’re pretty sure you’ll love the added benefits of getting your website and marketing inorder.

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