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Roadmapping: What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

When searching for reliable website experts for your construction company, you’re likely to encounter plenty of businesses that offer a “free estimate” for their “solution.” While this may seem convenient and like a good way to determine whether the company is right for you, free estimates often lead to a one-size-fits-all solution, which is much more ineffective and costly than that initial estimate. Instead, you’ll want to work with a company that provides roadmapping over any kind of simple solution. Roadmapping entails sufficient planning for your website that involves developing a plan based on your company’s specific requirements. Conversely, a lack of roadmapping can lead to generic websites and generally inefficient marketing that doesn’t drive results. Here we’ll review what roadmapping is and why it’s crucial for construction companies to get the most from their websites.

What Exactly Is Roadmapping?
Roadmapping is a method of planning and developing an in-depth strategy prior to building and launching a website. Companies that engage in roadmapping will work to learn every detail of a client and their specific needs. Based on this depth of knowledge and understanding, experts can then create a website that’s custom-tailored for that client. As a result, construction companies can benefit from a website that enables them to truly stand apart and appeal to their target audience.

Why You Need to Be Roadmapping?
If you want to get the best achievable results from your website, then a general web design solution won’t cut it. Free estimates and easy solutions may seem efficient, but they can wind up costing you more if they don’t help acquire leads and customers. If your web design company doesn’t get involved in the planning process, your construction business is likely to suffer as a result, with minimal or even negative ROI and little to no differentiation. Not to mention the amount of time that’s often wasted on solutions that don’t meet business goals. With the help of roadmapping, you’ll be able to maximize visibility and prevent your company from getting lost in the competitive landscape. The following are some specific reasons why you need roadmapping behind your website design.

Create a Website That Stands Out
Many web designers attempt to simplify the design process by using a set of templates, choosing the one they believe is the most compatible with your business. The problem is that these templates aren’t original and likely appear on hundreds if not thousands of other websites in the industry. Using these templates, your business’s website will likely look like any other and keep you from sticking in the minds of prospective clients. With roadmapping behind your design, on the other hand, you can make sure your website speaks directly to your branding, mission, and message. To create a website that’s wholly original and geared for success, your website design company will need to work with you to understand your individual needs. Based on what you want to achieve with your website, you can then work with a team to design a hub for your business that best represents your business.

Reduce the Amount of Time It Takes to Convert Leads
It can take days or even weeks for businesses to convert leads, requiring many hours of their time to interact and establish a connection with prospective clients. While roadmapping can also take time, it’s worth it if it means easier conversions. Thorough planning for your website can help identify the most efficient path for your prospects to take to convert. In addition to helping increase brand awareness and recognition through a website that stands out from the sea of competitors, your website can make it easy for people to find the information they need. Clear calls-to-actions can also help move leads down the sales funnel to help you meet your sales goals.

Improve Your Website’s User Experience
In helping increase conversions, roadmapping can ensure your visitors to your website benefit from generally high-quality UX designs. Elements that could contribute to a poor user experience could include slow loading speeds across the website, certain features that take too long to load on a particular page, or poorly designed layouts that make it difficult to navigate different pages. The more planning involved in the early stages of a website, the more you can avoid these issues and keep users from clicking away.

Attract More High-Value Clients
A well-designed website that accurately represents your business will also help improve the overall quality of the clients you attract. People who enter the sales funnel will have a better idea of what your business is all about. In short, a good website design helps attract only the people you want to attract, without any chance of misleading your prospects. People may also be unable to find the details they want on your website without a well-planned design, leading them to contact you directly to ask more questions. This can cause you to spend even more time interacting with prospects, only for you or them to decide you’re not a good fit.

Eliminate Scope Creep
A lack of proper planning before launching a website can also lead to more work to correct any issues discovered later. Over time, this work and the costs associated with it can accumulate, leading to more money and time spent that you could otherwise direct elsewhere. During the discovery process involved in roadmapping, you won’t need to worry about any unexpected need for additional features in the future. From the very start of your web design project, you’ll be able to equip your website with everything it needs to flourish. As your business grows, your website can then grow with you.

Get Started on Roadmapping with Moonshot Media
With roadmapping behind your website design, you can benefit from a website that’s custom-tailored to your company’s specific requirements. Unlike other website design companies that lean on quick and easy template-based solutions, Moonshot Media mandates roadmapping to develop a truly effective solution. Using our structured approach to website design, we can help our clients get a feel for what it’s like to work with us. At the same time, we can enable you to do your due diligence to find out precisely how to succeed. To find out more about our roadmapping process and start developing a custom website solution, connect with our team of experts today.

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